Patient Testimonials

Makes you feel like special individual and always goes above and beyond.

Joe D.

It is wonderful to hear what others are saying at church, family & friends. I have received excellent care from Dr. Fyffe. I appreciate her so much.

Virginia D.

Four star. Great!

Forrest E.

I couldn't ask for a better doctor. She's so caring and very good at what she does. The staff is awesome and very caring.

Gerdie F.

Dr. Fyffe has been outstanding in teaching me how to use and care for my hearing aids and making sure I understand her instructions.

Annette J.

Dr. Fyffe is really friendly, takes time to make sure you understand directions, explains in terms you can relate to. She makes sure you are comfortable with your hearing aid and always asks if there is anything else she can do to make your hearing better.

Sharon J.

Dr. Fyffe cares about me as a person not just a patient. She knows my needs and makes sure they are met through care.

Darrin M.

Excellent care with Dr. Angie. Very helpful and polite.

Sue R.

I feel that I received great care and personal touch with the fitting of my aid, most of the time I don't even know its in.

Linda S.

Dr. Fyffe has worked with me and really cared about my situation with my hearing. Outstanding in every way.

Peggy T.

She is exceptional; always ready to try to improve my hearing. She is efficient and caring and pleasant to be around.

Virginia V.

I have received excellent care from Dr. Fyffe and she explains everything so you can understand it better. I'm very pleased with her care.

Isabelle W.

Dr, Fyffe has given me very good care. I do recommend her services to everyone who needs help with their hearing.

Charles B.